Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rise and Shine

Every morning when we get up, we start our day by listening to Drew's favorite song: Rise and Shine (Arky Arky). I even made up some little movements to it. Drew laughs and kicks along to the music. This is one of my favorite times every day :0) Please excuse my silly singing...

Drew has started putting weight on her legs if you stand her up...

Kicking like crazy!!

Aunt Erin came over to hang out with us yesterday. We had so much fun. Drew is really into kicking right now. Everytime you lay her down- she kicks like crazy (see video). She has also been moving her mouth and trying to make sounds come out (so cute!!!!).

Monday, May 25, 2009

Layla and Drew

Layla hasn't really got too close to Drew. She has got along well with her, she just has gotten too close. Drew fell asleep and I decide it would be a good chance to pick up some in our bedroom. I lied Drew on our bed and started to clean. When I looked over, this is what I saw....

Jeremy, Carrie, Jayse, JD, Sara, and Easton came down today for a visit. It was so neat to see how much the little ones had grown and what we have to look forward to. We grilled out and the kids played together. It was such a great time!!

My favorite girls:

Anna and Lesley have been getting lots of practice! Anna is going to make such a great mom one day when God sees fit to start their family. She is my "baby sitter" during Sunday School. She is so great with Drew! Lesley is about to become a mommy. Baby Creed should be here 6/3/09! We can't wait!! Lesley has been coming over and helping with Drew from time to time. She even changed Drew's diaper the other day (her 1st one!!)-lol

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Matt and I needed to do some yard work, so we took Drew outside on a blanket. In no time at all, she was passed out! It was so cute!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I haven't had much time to get on here and write lately (since I have been back to work), so I thought I would give you all an update. At Drew's 2 month appointment she weighed 10lbs. 4 oz. and was 21 3/4 inches long. She is now in the 25th percentile for weight and height. She got all her vaccinations- 3 shots and one by mouth. She did really well- no fever or redness- she was just very fussy for a few days. The doctor switched her formula once again. She is now on a hypo-allergenic formula called Nutramigen. Matt calls it liquid gold- since it comes in a gold can and costs so much ( $22 a can that lasts her 3 days). She is doing soooo much better on it though, so it is worth every penny!!

Drew loves Jeff Buckley

Sorry it's sideways. I caught Drew smiling while I was listening to Jeff Buckley this AM

Sunday, May 10, 2009

1st Mother's Day

I celebrated my 1st Mother's Day by going to church, having a lazy afternoon cuddling Drew then went to Misty's for a cookout.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Drew rolled over!!

Yesterday at 7wks and 5 days....Drew rolled over! She was laying on her belly on her playmat and rolled from her belly to her back. I tried to download the video multiple times, but can't get to load....Sorry....
I had her to the doctor's office today (for a rash) and she weighed 9 lbs 9 oz!! I measured her and got 21 1/2 inches long (not sure how accurate that was though). Next Friday she goes for her 2 month check up and her 1st set of shots :0(