Sunday, May 16, 2010

House Party!

So a friend of mine from church, Valerie Nichols, told me about this free website called "House Party" ( You can go on it and fill out a profile, then different House Parties that you might be interested in hosting are sent to you. Different companies promote on there. I have been trying for months to get approved for one. I got an email today that I was finally approved for are hosting a "Hasboro Game Night" at our house on June 18, 2010 7pm. See the attached link for more details:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My poor sick baby!

My poor sick baby :0(. Drew started running a fever and became very fussy last night. When we got home her fever was 102.6. We gave her some ibuprofen and put her to bed. She woke up with a fever again this morning. She was hoarse, drooling, had a barky cough and wouldn't eat or drink. She also had to be held at all times. For those of you who know Drew personally, you know this is not like her! I decided to take her to MedExpress. Yay! Another outrageous medical bill!! I took her there and she was seen very quickly. They took her vitals and weighed her and I was shocked to find that she was only 18lbs 1 oz!! She was 18lbs 4 oz at her 1 yr appt! She's lost weight :0(.

Anyway, they took her to a room and the doctor came to see her within a few minutes. She checked her ears first and said she had a very bad infection in her left ear. She said it's no wonder she's been fussy-she's sure it really hurts. She then checked her throat and lungs. She said that Drew also had an upper respiratory infection. She said that they both probably started as allergies then turned to an infection. She sent us out with prescriptions for an antibiotic and Prednisone. I'm scared to see how Drew will act on a steroid when she's feeling better...since she is so hyper anyway. Hey! Maybe it will help her gain weight. :0) Please pray that our baby girl will have a speedy recovery.

Oh yeah...Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I'm sure mine will be fantastic with a sick baby:0). Oh well, atleast I get to spend the day with her!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Matt and I are both very musically inclined. We love anything and everything music! I love to sing anything from pop to country, christian to broadway. Matt plays the guitar and a little bit of keyboard. We want to raise Drew to have this love of music too.
When she was very little we got her a toy piano. She loved it! She is slowly outgrowing this now. She also loves to play the Rockband
For her birthday Aunt Angie got Drew a music set with maracas, a clapper,a tambourine, bells, and a harmonica. She loves to make music with this set. She is pretty good at making noise wth all the pieces except the harmonica. Tonight, we were downstairs playing a Drew grabbed her harmonica and started playing it. I couldn't believe my ears! I ran over and grabbed my camera and started taping. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. She was even moving her little leg....LMBO!!!
When Daddy got home from work, we had to show him what Drew learned to do today. He loved it! I even got a video of them together!

Chitter Chatter

It is hard as a parent not to compare your child to others. I think everyone does it though... Drew was an early eater, crawler, and walker. She has been lacking in the talking part however. I've been a little worried, but try not to too much. I figure she will catch up in her own time. She can say "Dada", "hi", "hey" and "bye" on a regular basis. For the past couple of weeks however she has been saying "outside", and "shoes" (yes, she is MY child). I've been so excitied. Yesterday (Sunday) we were in her room cleaning and sorting out some of her "too little" clothes - sniff sniff and she walked over to a box. For her birthday, her great Mamaw Wanda got her a bubble mower. She kept pointing at the bubbles on the box. She looked up and me and I said, "bubbles". She pointed at them again and I again said, "bubbles". She looked at me and said as plain as day, "bubb-les". It was so adorable!! I thought, ok...let's try something else. I looked at her and said, "Ma-ma". She watched my mouth, and again I said slowly..."Ma-ma". She looked at me so sweet and said "Ma- ma". My heart melted!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Using the potty...

Drew started showing an interest in us when we went to the bathroom. Gloria got Drew a potty for her birthday, so we decided to start setting her on it when we were in the bathroom. To our surprise, she "went pee-pee in the potty". Each day she does it more and more. Sometimes she even has dry diapers in between. I asked the pedi about it and she said as long as we weren't pressing the issue that it was fine. Drew loves it!!!! I know that we could still have setbacks, and that we are a long way from being completely potty trained, but it is still exciting!!

A Spring walk with Granny

Last week Drew and Granny took advantage of the beautiful spring weather and went on a walk down the street. Drew rode in her wagon that Granny and Pap got her for her birthday. Looks like she had a fun time...

My girl likes to eat...

...especially when it's mashed potatoes from the Kitchen Aid

Easter morning

Since the boys and my dad got to spend Easter with us, they got Drew her own Easter basket. It was filled with things the boys picked out: balls, cotton candy, a chocolate bunny, and marshmallow animals. Not much that a 1 year old could eat, but it was the thought that counts... We all went to church on Sunday morning. It was great spending time with my little bros!!

Easter egg hunt and Grandma and Grandpa's

My little bros came in for Easter and we went out to Matt's mom and dad's for the day. We had a cookout and an egg hunt. Drew loved looking for the eggs! The boys did too!

A visit to Granny and Pap's

Drew went on a visit to Granny and Pap's house. She had such a great time. She ate good food, played, read with Pap, and got lots of lovins!!

My first Easter egg hunt

Drew and Breena went to an Easter egg hunt at Mom and David's church...they had soooo much fun, even if Drew did try to bite

Drew's 1 year photo shoot

Tabi (A+ Photography) did a great job on Drew's 1 year usual. Here is a quick peek:

Going to start blogging again...

Ok, since so many of my friends are blogging...I've got bit by the blogging bug again. I haven't blogged since Drew was 4 months old (she is almost 13 months), so you guys have missed a lot. She has crawled, walked, has almost 1o teeth now, says "Dada" all the time, "Mama" not so much...She definitely is the strong willed child- ask anyone. My mom says I was the same way. Drew is so smart (not just saying that). She crawled early, walked early, and is already peeing in the potty (not all the time)!! She is somewhat lacking in her vocabulary compared to other children her age though. She says. "Dada, Hi, Hey, Bye, Mama (on occasion), and that's about it so far. She does some signing- Milk, More, Bite. I will post a few pics from the past month or so, but I am not going to try and catch up on 9 months. Just check my Facebook for all the photos :0) I am going to try and stay up on this, but not stress myself out about it.