Monday, April 26, 2010

Chitter Chatter

It is hard as a parent not to compare your child to others. I think everyone does it though... Drew was an early eater, crawler, and walker. She has been lacking in the talking part however. I've been a little worried, but try not to too much. I figure she will catch up in her own time. She can say "Dada", "hi", "hey" and "bye" on a regular basis. For the past couple of weeks however she has been saying "outside", and "shoes" (yes, she is MY child). I've been so excitied. Yesterday (Sunday) we were in her room cleaning and sorting out some of her "too little" clothes - sniff sniff and she walked over to a box. For her birthday, her great Mamaw Wanda got her a bubble mower. She kept pointing at the bubbles on the box. She looked up and me and I said, "bubbles". She pointed at them again and I again said, "bubbles". She looked at me and said as plain as day, "bubb-les". It was so adorable!! I thought, ok...let's try something else. I looked at her and said, "Ma-ma". She watched my mouth, and again I said slowly..."Ma-ma". She looked at me so sweet and said "Ma- ma". My heart melted!!

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