Saturday, May 8, 2010

My poor sick baby!

My poor sick baby :0(. Drew started running a fever and became very fussy last night. When we got home her fever was 102.6. We gave her some ibuprofen and put her to bed. She woke up with a fever again this morning. She was hoarse, drooling, had a barky cough and wouldn't eat or drink. She also had to be held at all times. For those of you who know Drew personally, you know this is not like her! I decided to take her to MedExpress. Yay! Another outrageous medical bill!! I took her there and she was seen very quickly. They took her vitals and weighed her and I was shocked to find that she was only 18lbs 1 oz!! She was 18lbs 4 oz at her 1 yr appt! She's lost weight :0(.

Anyway, they took her to a room and the doctor came to see her within a few minutes. She checked her ears first and said she had a very bad infection in her left ear. She said it's no wonder she's been fussy-she's sure it really hurts. She then checked her throat and lungs. She said that Drew also had an upper respiratory infection. She said that they both probably started as allergies then turned to an infection. She sent us out with prescriptions for an antibiotic and Prednisone. I'm scared to see how Drew will act on a steroid when she's feeling better...since she is so hyper anyway. Hey! Maybe it will help her gain weight. :0) Please pray that our baby girl will have a speedy recovery.

Oh yeah...Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I'm sure mine will be fantastic with a sick baby:0). Oh well, atleast I get to spend the day with her!

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