Saturday, March 14, 2009

Drew Elizabeth Ross born 3/14/09 at 12:51pm. 6 lbs 12oz 18 3/4 in long.

Short birth story:
Went in a 5:30am on Sat 3/14/09 with contractions. They decided to keep me. Dilated to 4cm. Monitored for a while. Checked and I was at 6cm. Broke my water, and called for an epidural. Contractions came hard and fast then. Epidural attempted without success d/t my scoliosis. Severe contractions- dilated to 8 1/2cm. Had to decide if I wanted them to try epidural again or get Stadol. Epidural attempted again without success (6 times total). They checked me and I was at 9 1/2cm. Guess what--you are going to do this ALL NATURAL--What?????????? Yep. Pushed for 35 min and she was out!

She is absolutely beautiful and perfect! She is having trouble breastfeeding because she has trouble sucking and my milk hasn't come in yet. We found out that she is A+ blood type and I guess this doesn't mix well with me being O+ so my body attacked her red blood cells causing her to have jaundice (positive Coombs test)--go figure!!!! Anyway, she has to stay under the bili light tent as much as possible and they are rechecking her bilirubin this morning. If it is ok, then we ALL get to go home today, if not she will have to stay her under the light until it comes down. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! God is good...all the time! And all the time...God is good!

Britt, Matt and baby Drew

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